Monday, 16 January 2012

Glenloy Wildlife's Pine Marten News

Here's an excerpt from Glenloy Wildlife's January Newsletter with an update on their resident pine marten...

"Our resident female only produced one kit that survived this year (we suspect there may have been two, but a fine healthy male is the only youngster we now see). Both mother and son could be seen most evenings in front of the Lodge, eagerly lapping up peanut butter. By the end of August, the kit was already bigger than his mother and would rudely shove her out of the way in his attempts to get to the food first. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t having much of this and would unceremoniously grab him by the scruff of the neck and wash his ears out, just to remind him of his place. Feeding times became increasingly acrimonious, with mum becoming less tolerant of the presence of her offspring – she would sit and hiss at him, and emit a low growl whilst feeding. As time has gone on, their feeding times have become more and more staggered, with mum getting the upper hand.

"Now, in January, we seldom see the two together, and if we do there is always the possibility of fisticuffs, but mum has apparently secured her territory (and the food). She waits now for me to feed her, either on the flat roof above the sun lounge, or warming her backside on the bonnet of our car!"

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