Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring on Mull

Spring wildlife sightings from Arthur Brown of Discover Mull...

Although the weather on Mull has been mixed at the beginning of March, there has been no shortage of wildlife sightings to be seen on the island, with white-tail sea eagles and golden eagles being especially visible nest building and pair bonding. Buzzards, kestrels and sparrowhawks have also been very obliging and we have had a couple of great sightings of peregrine falcons and a particularly good sigthing of a merlin.

On the mammal front, otters as always being the stand-out attraction but we are also seeing a number of Arctic hares at the moment. Red deer seem to have survived the winter well and appear to be in quite good condition. None of the deer on Mull are farmed and earlier today I saw 38 mothers and calves in a field.

As the month progresses we will be looking out for the early arrivals of the spring migration with wheatears always being one of the first. Fulmars are already back at their nest sites and the first meadow pipits have been seen displaying.