Thursday, 28 October 2010

Autumnwatch on Isle of Mull this week

Autumnwatch are paying Mull Eagle Watch a visit again this week. Presenters Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games are on Mull recording a whole host of stories.

Look out for the show on the 4th November.

More info on the Autumnwatch website.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Unusual sighting of Northern parula on Tiree (normally found in the Americas!)

The Inner Hebridean island of Tiree has recorded the first ever Scottish sighting of a tiny bird more usually seen in the United States. The northern parula, which is smaller than a blue tit, must have been blown thousands of miles off course by strong westerly winds during its migration to Central America.

This brightly coloured warbler has been recorded previously in England and Northern Ireland, but the Tiree bird is a first for Scotland.

It appeared on September 25 in the garden of local RSPB Scotland officer John Bowler, who has planted native trees to attract such migrant birds.

John said: “The Northern parula is such a beautiful bird, it’s been a real treat to have it as a visitor on Tiree. It caused quite a stir among twitchers, and we’ve had about 75 people come to the island just to get a glimpse of it, which has been great for the local economy. It’s actually the first major twitch we’ve ever had on Tiree, so we’ve had two firsts!”

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Rut is Underway!

The red deer rut is now underway, with stags bellowing on the hillside to warn challengers off as they lay claim to their harem of hinds. The sound of the stags has been described as "something between a chainsaw and a burp". Now if that doesn't intrigue you...

Wild West
are running trips to watch the rut. Trips will run daily, on demand at 13.00. For the real enthusiasts, they are also offering a "Dawn patrol", aiming to be with the rut at first light when most of the activity takes place. For more details and to book, visit