Friday, 19 February 2010

An Utterly Otterly Day on Mull

Here's a excerpt from Pam and Arthur Brown of Discover Mull's diary this week. It goes to show that wildlife-watching is great throughout the year, and Mull is a great place to see otters!

'The weather was cloudy after a flurry of overnight snow. Cold, but calm. We were out with a couple of friends on a day out and what a wonderful day we had.

'At our first stop we were lucky enough to find an otter feeding by the harbour. We also saw 2 white-tailed eagles which flew over us as we watched the otter.

'A great northern diver was seen at the next stop, another 17 were to follow during the day.

'A short while later we spotted 2 more otters then a large herd of red deer. More otters were then seen along with a great view of a golden eagle sitting on a rock at the top of a hill. Oh, and then another 3 otters!

'As we headed to where we would have our lunch we spotted a kestrel and another 3 otters.

'Lunch was a quiet affair (i.e. no otters) but we did see teal, goldeneye, wigeon, red-breasted mergansers, some Slavonian grebes and a very close grey heron.

'After lunch we set off again to look for more golden eagles but instead saw 2 more white-tailed eagles.

'At the next stop both common and grey seals were seen and then as we journeyed on we spotted another 4 otters. This time they were very close to the shore and we had to crouch down low to watch the cubs frolicking in the water whilst their mum was fishing. Each time she caught a fish she brought it onto the seaweed to give to her cubs.

'At tea break we saw 3 more otters and this brought our otter total for the day to 19! Our previous best daily total was a meagre 10.

'We went into a snowy glen to look for flying eagles but instead were amazed by a herd of over 50 red deer feeding on the lower ground due to the ice and snow.

'We desperately wanted the 20th otter of the day and spent the last hour rushing to an area where we had not been on the tour and yes we found one!

'We had seen 20 diffent otters in an unforgettable day. We just could not believe or stop laughing at our good fortune. Isn't wildlife wonderful'.

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