Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wild Scotland at The Bird Fair 2009

Today, we're here at The Bird Fair at Rutland Water in Leicestershire. This is the last day of the fair and it has been a successful weekend. Visitor numbers have been higher than ever suggesting that interest in wildlife and the environment continues to grow.

One of the most pleasing aspects of attending the Fair is hearing how many people love Scotland and agree that Scotland is Europe's no.1 wildlife-watching destination.

We've had record numbers of entrants into our prize draw this year too, with over 800 entries. With nine prizes up for grabs, it has obviously caught visitors' attention.

We're also highlighting the Highland Tiger campaign on the stand which has generated alot of interest in the Scottish wildcat.

On the stand this year, I'm being helped by Rachael from Rothiemurchus Estate and Lynda from the Scottish Seabird Centre, as well as our Chairman, Ben Mardall (pictured).

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Batty about Bats

Now, the bat is a species that is often overlooked, however with 17 species found in the UK, there is plenty to learn about these amazing little mammals.

At this time of year, youngsters will be becoming less dependent on their mothers' milk and will start to feed for themselves. As a result the nursery roosts will start to disperse.

Bats are active throughout the spring and summer but as the winter draws in they become less active and hibernate (from November to February).

So now's a great time to go bat spotting, and we just so happen to have a great event for you to attend...

Go Batty at Argaty
Date: 28th August 2009, 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Location: Argaty Red Kite Project, Lerrocks Farm, Doune, FK16 6EJ
Price: £4 adults, £2 children (50% donation to the local bat group)

Join experts from Echoes Ecology for a brief talk / presentation followed by a dusk and evening meander in search of our little ultrasonic friends! Using special detectors we will track their nocturnal antics as they try to catch their evening meal. This event is for enthusiasts and first timers alike. Please wear suitable footwear, warm clothing and a torch if you have one. This event is open to all (children must be accompanied by an adult).
For more details contact Argaty Red Kites by email or phone (01786 841 373)

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