Friday, 10 July 2009

Curious minke whale...

Here is a great video taken a few days ago by Andy Tait during a whale-watching trip with Sea Life Surveys on Mull. This young minke whale is definitely checking the boat out!

Enjoy the part when the whale turns over to get a better look at the boat (about 2 mins into the film).

For other wildlife videos by Andy, visit his YouTube page.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Glenloy Wildlife early June highlights

Had some great sightings with Glenloy Wildlife guests last weeks, and am just playing catch up with some of the details:

Monday: 2 youg red squirrels ran along the road towards the van and paused on the verge for a good look before scampering off. Sword-leaved Helleborine still flowering nearby. Eagles up the glen.

Tuesday. Orchids flowering in Glen Loy Chickweed Wintergreen in the Caledonian Pinewoods. Whinchats singing throughout glen. Spotted flycatcher by deer fence.

Wednesday:Stopped to look at a goosander in Loch Linnhe and spotted a female otter on the rocks, which then fished for us. Whist still watching for the otter two sea eagles appeared behind us, and were harried by a golden eagle, with great views of all. For good measure a buzzard and a raven also appeared in frame to give a great idea of scale. Later that day a pair of merlin were disturbed by a raven , which they continued to harry for some minutes, shrieking and dive-bombing it.

Thursday. Shearwaters cutting the waves around the boat on the way to Rum. Hundreds of common seals sunbathing on the skerries.

Friday. Porpoise rolling in Loch Linnhe and fantastic close-up views of Marsh Fritillary on the shore nearby.

Saturday. 3 black-throated diver feeding together in close group on nearby loch affording fantastic views from the shore. Red deer hind, heavily pregnant, feeding by the bridge at Glenfinnan and unwilling to move as we eventually crept past.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Great Time for Whale Sightings

Here in the Wild Scotland HQ, I'm receiving reports from up the West Coast and round to Dunnet Head that there are plenty of whales about at the moment.

Minke whales were seen only last week in the Pentland Firth from Dunnet Head on the north Caithness Coast and operators in Gairloch tell us that whale and dolphin sightings are excellent at the moment.

Excitingly, West Coast whale conservation charity, the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust had a fantastic sighting of a humpback whale between Coll and South Uist. For more info, click here.

So if you're interested in whale-watching, then now's the time to head north!

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